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  • 承德喜森商貿有限公司







    Chengde XISEN Trading Co., Ltd

    Hyson business is a professional management software supplier and a big data integrated service provider focusing on B2B2C. We provide customers with competitive, safe and reliable products in the fields of e-government, group control and digital communication. With the help of long-term accumulated technology, data, communication and ecological system, we are committed to empowering customers with industry solutions and services of the whole industry chain.

    In 2020, xison business was founded in Chengde, Hebei Province. At present, hyson business has established a comprehensive service network with Chengde headquarters as the core and radiating across the country, integrating the comprehensive capabilities of consulting, planning, construction, operation and maintenance, and service, and has a perfect brand system.

    With its customers all over the state organs, enterprises and social organizations, hyson has established long-term cooperative relations with nearly 60 central departments and more than 90 central enterprises. With information system integration and service level 1, information security service level 1 and many other professional qualifications.

    With strategic consulting, platform technology, refined products, professional services and rich business accumulation and project experience, Hysen business is constantly innovating solutions and service modes. The report platform, software development platform, big data platform, digital communication platform, intelligent application platform and a number of products developed by hyson trade have played an important role in finance, state-owned assets, statistics, civil affairs, transportation, communication and other fields. The government management and service solution (GMS), group management and control solution (GMC) and big data of hyson business are providing systematic and professional information services for millions of users.

    Based on the word "emotion", hyson business has built a firm culture with a mature corporate culture system, which advocates the talent concept of "respecting, reusing and treating talents", the values of "simplicity, standardization, efficiency and innovation", and the life pursuit of "physical health, mental health, knowledge sharing, abundance and self-improvement". We have set up a business people's club, holiday apartment, innovation award fund, sports and Sports Association, xison business cloud school, etc., to continuously strengthen employee care and employee development, incorporate the implementation of employee entrepreneurship fund support and the establishment of entrepreneurship incubation base into the development plan, actively participate in social welfare, and fulfill corporate responsibilities with practical actions.

    In the future, hyson business will become a cross industry, collectivized and international professional company, a platform company with multi-level business partners, a respected conscience company performing social responsibility, and a happy company loved by employees. We will not forget our original intention and win the future.



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